St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Founded in 1893, Anastasia Island Alligator Farm or preferably known as St. Augustine Alligator Farm, is one Florida’s oldest zoological attractions and became a major tourist attractions since 1920’s. It is also the only lone park that captivates all of 23 species of alligators that exist around the world and it is home to many other reptilians, amphibians other creatures alike, educational demonstrations and animal performances.

The park was founded by two men in the 1893 namely George Reddington and Felix Fire who started their career by capturing alligators near the Anastasia Island. It originally was part of a train stop to try and draw more tourists to the area who were curious about these snappy creatures. However, it drew worldwide attention later on as it was featured in many scientific journals due to its well-curated exhibits as well as other magazines such as National Geographic.

Amongst the many alligators and crocodiles tourists will to see is the Maximo which is known as the largest saltwater crocodile from Australia. Tourist will be able to catch him through underwater viewing as well. Then there are the two Albino alligators, the world’s rarest species of alligator among the less than 50 known true albinos in the world that was captured from the coast of Louisiana. In the Land of Crocodile, tourists will get a chance to see the variety of crocodiles, alligators, and other exotic animals from America, Africa as well as Asia.

Others exhibitions to visit in the farm are the Wading Bird Rookery where the wading birds are gathered inside a man-made swamp that is almost as familiar as their native habitat. It is much rewarding to visit the farm during April through July when the birds are on a breeding plumage and visitors will be able to catch the birds building nests as well as families. There are other types of creature available in the farm such as a variety of mammals for example the seven different species of monkeys and other species of birds like parrots, toucans, pheasants, kookaburras and emus.

Educational exhibitions provided by the farm are the alligator feeding which the visitors can watch the demonstration of the great animals leaping for their food fed by the farm keepers. Visitors will be amazed with the demonstration of strength and agility of the alligators and crocodiles that are fed in their caption. There is also the Realm of the Alligator in which showcases the most intriguing to the most dangerous animals exists in the state of Florida itself as well as other parts of the world. Such exhibitions are both educational and interesting especially for the younger visitors. Another educational exhibition that will capture the interest of many other young visitors would be the more knowledge regarding the most misunderstood facts about the alligators and the crocodiles in Scales and Tails.

The farm offers private rentals that cater for almost 100 guests. The park is open to public at normal time as the prices for each entry for both adults and children differs. Price for the disabled are also offered thus making the park a place for everyone regardless of their gender, age and ability can visit at any time of the day from the time the farm opens till when it closes. Animal shows are available everyday as well. Restaurants and gift shops are also available in the park so visitors will not need to worry about anything but only to enjoy and learn more about of scaly friends.
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